1. Make sure you have a supported tablet. Click here for an overview of recommended tablets

  2. Complete the steps described below.

  3. Download "VilMer VR" on your tablet.

  4. Test the VR system by login in and playing a video on the network it's going to be used


About the device and certificates

About the PICO G2 4K HeadsetThe PICO G2 4K Headset is a wireless Internet enabled device for VR experiences. It runs on custom hardware with a customized VR user interface based on the Android OS. Compared to other wireless Internet enabled devices it operates much like an Android tablet. The headset does not support a SIM card. Much like an Android tablet, the PICO G2 4K Headset is a platform for installing and accessing a wide range of services, like Internet browsing, VR video, and VR games. The primary usage are the apps provided by the supplier, but clients are free to engage with and explore other services or apps. No restrictions have been added by the supplier.

About Wi-Fi certificate files

Wi-Fi certificate files are used to provide easy and secure access to a wireless network. The certificates are issued by the local network provider and can be installed to the PICO G2 4K Headset. Depending on the configuration of the network and the security measures implemented, the Wi-Fi certificates can be installed as long as they conform to the given network security protocol. This includes having a shared certificate or issue one certificate per device. It is recommended that a network administrator, local IT support, or a person with former experience with installing Wi-Fi certificates to Android OS devices perform the installment. Consider using a safe method of distribution if needed. Sending certificates as email attachments is not recommended due to safety concerns.


What you will need

A PICO G2 4K Headset

A Wi-fi certificate file (.crt).
(See notes over for details)

USB-C cable

A computer

Notes on setting up a PIN code

Before installing a network certificate a four digit security codehas to be set on the device. Setting the PIN code is addressed in the guide. It is recommended to implement a safe, but convenient, procedure for generating, storing and accessing PIN codes. Reusing PIN codes is considered to be a risk, and is not recommended.


  1. Turn on the PICO G2 4K and connect it to the computer using the USB-C cable. On the PICO the USB-C port is next to the power button.

  2. On the Computer, the PICO headset will appear as “G2 4K”and the volume will show like below.

  3. In this volume, create a new folder called e.g. “Certificates”.

  4. Locate the network certificate on your computer. Note, you will probably have gotten it from you IT Departmentor Network Administrator. (Below is just an example file).

  5. Transfer the certificate file to the headset, in the folder you just created.

  6. With the headset turned on, press the middle-side-button + volume down button. This opens the Android Settings-menu inside the headet.

  7. In the menu select: “Security & location”

  8. Select: “Screen lock”

  9. Select: “PIN”

  10. Select and confirm a PIN code

  11. Press “DONE” – PIN is now set, and you can install certificates on the PICO device.

  12. Go back to themenuandselect: “Network & Internet”.

  13. Select:“Wi-Fi”

  14. Scroll down and select: “Wi-Fi preferences”

  15. Select “Advanced”

  16. Select: “Install certificates”

  17. Press the menu button in the top left corner.

  18. Select: “Pico G2 4K”

  19. Go to your “Certificates" folder”.

  20. Select the certificate you transferred to the device.

  21. Enter your PIN

  22. Name your certificate and select type “Wi-fi”. Press ok.

  23. Your certificate is now installed on the PICO G2 4K. Remember to turn off PIN screen lock if you do not want it on going forward.

Note: You can see the installed credentialsin the in the menu under: Security & location →Encryption & credentials.

Are you trying to find the MAC-adress? Click here

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